The Company

    The All4Labels Group GmbH, is a combination of three highly dynamic and competitive self-operated companies. Its headquarters is in Germany, with branches all over the world. Has a full set of advanced modern printing technology and equipment.Serving food, daily chemicals, aviation, transportation and other fields.Customers and partners are located all over the world. It has now become the new Powerhouse for the labeling industry.


    The Hangzhou All for Labels Packaging Printing Co., Ltd., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of All4Labels Group GmbH. It is located in Yuhang Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. It was officially registered in China in November 2008 with a registered capital of 3 million Euros and a total investment of 8 million Euros. Officially put into operation in 2009. In order to enhance technical strength, promote business development, and better service to customers, in 2017, the Guangzhou All for Labels Packaging Printing Co., Ltd., was incorporated in Guangzhou and has been officially put into operation.


    Our company is mainly engaged in the development, design, plate making and printing of self-adhesive labels for daily chemicals, chemical industry, aviation, medicine and food, taking into account the research, development and production of RFID smart labels.It has advanced flexographic printing presses and digital printing presses, as well as advanced plate making, slitting, quality control and other technologies and equipment imported from Germany and the United States. We can design, plate making and printing according to customers' requirements, and provide perfect after-sales service. Our team of employees not only masters the skills of printing, but also has the ability and experience to provide quality services to customers in the domestic and international markets.


    Providing you with excellent and reliable solutions is our lifelong service tenet.


    Business Fields

    The core competencies of the All4Labels Group are based on four business segments:

    Self-Adhesive Labels

    We offer you appropriate solutions with our wide range of self-adhesive labels. Due to our know-how, most advanced techniques and sustainable production processes we deliver you high quality and innovative products.

    Flexible Packaging

    We provide you with flexible packaging solutions made of plastic and paper in standard versions, sliced, coated, printed, laminated as well as shrink sleeves and reel material or sheet ware. In addition, we offer pouch films in different variants.

    Security Technology

    Security holograms in different versions protect your products and brands against counterfeiting. Our intelligent RFID solutions are a perfect protection against shoplifting. We use the following technologies for electronic article surveillance: EM, RF and AM.


    OrgalinX our in-house software company develops your individual software solutions. In addition, OrgalinX supplies general consulting, BDE solutions up to labeling inspection systems, product- and label management systems.