History of the All4Labels Group

It started 1969. All4Labels has expanded to currently 13 production sites worldwide and a turnover of approx. 200 Mio. € in 2012 thanks to wise strategic decision.



    It started in an old mill in Braak near Hamburg...

    Ralph & Gabriele Koopmann founded company All4Labels Group GmbH and began the label production with a single printing machine.



    All4Labels Group moved to Witzhave and set a milestone for further expansion and the development of the All4Labels Group GmbH.



    Establishment of Flexiket GmbH. All4Labels recognizes the ravages of time and offers the possibility of a post imprinting service for already existing labels within 48 hours. Usable for sort imprints, numerations and overprints.



    All4Labels extended its product portfolio and founded the Folienprint GmbH, which is specialized in the production of shrink sleeves and flexible packaging.



    Foundation of the Hologram Company All4Labels GmbH. Extension of the product portfolio with security holograms and technologies for the protection against counterfeiting, forgery and product piracy.



    Begin of a new era in the printing industry. All4Labels started with digital offset printing and bought the first digital printing machine "Indigo Omnius Webstream 50". Today, All4Labels is leading in digital offset printing reel to reel and packaging films.


    Foundation of the All4Labels Security-Label Produktsicherungs-GmbH. All4Labels gained a foothold in the market for electronic article surveillance and RFID-systems.



    Foundation of the Security Label GmbH in Sarstedt. Today the company is leading supplier of printing products for the airline industry.



    Foundation of the Folien Company FCS GmbH in Hamburg. Competent seller of all kinds of laminated and packaging films.



    Foundation of All4Labels Etiquettes SARL in France. A first step was taken to establish a production site in a foreign country in order to increase the flexibility towards the French and Southern European customers.


    Foundation of the All4Labels IT GmbH. All4Labels`s in-house IT-provider.



    Establishment of the All4Labels Kassel GmbH. All4Labels founds another label company which is specialized in the production of labels for the pharmaceutical- and food industry.



    Establishment of an offset printing competence center in Ellerau.


    Acquisition of the Logokett GmbH. German Distribution company for products of All4Labels Security-Label Produktsicherungs GmbH.



    Foundation of All4Labels Shop GmbH, which is specialized in the production of labels for office supplies.


    Foundation of All4Labels München GmbH. Strategic positioning in Southern Germany. Specialized in the production of self-adhesive beer crate labels or Inmould labels.


    Foundation of the Sentronik GmbH.



    Acquisition of Straub Etiketten GmbH. Production site for self-adhesive labels in the Eastern part of Germany. Later the company was renamed an now trades under the name All4Labels Berlin GmbH.



    Takeover of company Ritter GmbH. New production site of high quality labels in the middle of Germany.



    Continuous growth above the sector trend leads to the construction of a new production hall for the Folienprint GmbH in Gallin. 2007 movement into the new production site.



    All4Labels began to expand into the Asian market. Registered Hangzhou All for Labels Packaging Printing Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.


    40th anniversary of All4Labels Group GmbH!

    All4Labels Group looks back to 40 successful years. We would like to thank all our customers for the good cooperation.



    Foundation of All4Labels Labels Cape Town, South Africa. The opening of the new production site for pressure sensitive labels took place in February 2011 in Kapstadt.



    The All4Labels Group has invested in the company Graphische Betriebe Staats GmbH with operations in Lippstadt. The investments are beneficial to both sides, since Staats will be integrated into the All4Labels Group, while All4Labels's can profit from an expansion of the product portfolio and an even greater competitive advantage on the market.



    The new powerhouse of the labeling industry was born...

    Three independently operating, highly dynamic and competitive companies in the industry, in order to enhance their technical strength, expand their business scope and promote the depth and breadth of business development. Together, Join forces to form a new All4Labels Group GmbH, which not only greatly enhances our strength, but also provides customers with more professional and meticulous services.



    In order to promote the development of Asian business and better serve Asian customers, the Guangzhou All for Labels Packaging Printing Co., Ltd. was registered and put into operation in Guangzhou, China。



    Today, Number of All4Labels group subsidiaries: 20+, product coverage: self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging, security products (RFID smart labels and holographic anti-counterfeiting labels), software tools and so on. More than 80 production lines in production bases in Germany, France, China, South Africa and Latin America are busy working to provide flexible and diverse choices for users around the world.