In our opinion sustainability starts in the production. Therefore we use sustainable resources in order to save the environment as far as possible. We annually determine the CO2 footprint of our company in cooperation with ClimatePartner.



Sustainable films


Environmental-friendly products can be realized by application of sustainable films. Here we use films from renewable resources.

The environmental-friendly alternative to aluminum laminate is our Starsaver. Use a resource saving product packaging in order to influence positively your company`s environmental management!


Advantages for your product:


  • Reduction of CO2 emissions sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Reduced grammage for cost saving
  • Very good machine run ability and improved run properties
  • High aroma protection excellent product safety

The combination of OPP high barrier and a special sealing layer from polyethylene leads to a long durability of the wrapped goods.


Typical application of Starsaver?: Spices, powdered substances, cosmetics and pet food.



Climate neutral production


The CO2 emission that results from the manufacturing of your product can be compensated thanks to a climate neutral production. Print products carry the “climate neutral print” label if their emissions have been calculated and were subsequently compensated by the investments of climate protection projects. Whether a print is produced climate neutral can be recognized by an imprint with a logo combined with an individual ID number.


In sum a climate neutral production offers many advantages for your company:


  • You contribute actively to saving the environment and pay attention to the endeavours for environmental protection.
  • You strengthen costumers`trust in company.
  • You can choose among a variety of environmental-related projects.
  • Individual ID number for each climate neutral production. Customers can verify publicly your CO2 balance under