Security Technology

    The business unit security technology is divided into three strategically important main areas: Holograms, RFID systems and Electronic Article Surveillance.


    For many years, now product forgery and manipulation have been increased massively and caused considerable damage to the economy which amount to 50 billion Euros totally although it is so easy to protect your goods with tamper-proof and unforgeable holograms. Another problem, the German trade has to face, is the drastically increase of inventory differences. The total damage caused by shoplifting in Germany amounts annually up to 2.5 billion Euros. That is why source tagging, where products are secured by manufacturers during the production processes or where products in shops are protected by hard-tags or self-adhesive labels, are becoming more and more important. In case the safeguard label is not deactivated during the payment process at the cash desk, antennas in the exit area of the shop will raise an alarm.


    In addition the significance of RFID systems in production, warehousing and logistics becomes more and more important. The retail receives exact information about production data, entrance and exit controls, and is informed about exact stock keeping.


    You will receive detailed information about our security systems below. You will certainly find the correct security solution in our company!