Printed documents for the Airline Industry

    Our subsidiary Security Label Sarstedt belongs to the international leading suppliers’ for the airline industry. At this production site we produce thermal baggage tags and many other printing products for baggage and passenger handling. We promise quality at highest level and can say that because we only use the most modern means of production.


    AS “IATA Strategic Partner” we work actively in writing the international valid specifications for the products that are needed. Security Label has developed as first choice supplier for the airline-industry due to professionalism, internationality and confidentiality.



    Thermal Baggage Tags


    Thermal Baggage tags are printed on demand by a computer supported system, directly at the check-in counter. These tags contain route information or other relevant information. Moreover, an electronic chip can be inserted into the label. The used material is tearproof and thermally laminated.



    RFID Baggage Tags


    An electronic chip is inserted to the RFID Baggage Tag which saves any data related to the baggage piece (e.g. owner, departure, destination etc.). The luggage is handled automatically on the band conveyor according to the data stored on the chip.



    Boarding Passes


    Boarding passes consist of thermally laminated material, cardboard or plastics. As a single ticket or in wallet form, with or without magnetic stripe as automatic or manual boarding tickets.



    Name Tags


    These tags are manually filled out name tags in form of stripes with a closed address panel and an elastic tie strap.



    Security Seals


    Security Seals in sticker form or as plastic stripe in different forms with consecutive numbering and airline logo. They are used for security checked luggage or in case a piece of luggage is rerouted or marked insufficient.



    Baggage Identification Tags


    There are different kinds of baggage identification tags: Thermal baggage tags, interline baggage tags, or expedite baggage tags. For more information please click here:



    Revenue Documents / Forms


    Our offer contains the following documents: Airway Bills (AWB), Excess Baggage Tickets (EBT), passenger tickets (TKT), ATB Ticket Wallet, Flight Interruption Manifest (FIM), miscellaneous Charges Order (MCO).



    Special Products


    We supply you with all kinds of products for the airline industry, for airline passengers and for the application during the flight.


    For more information about our product range please click here: