From a single source - perfectly tuned.


All4Labels Security-Label develops, produces, integrates and records a wide range of antennas. From industry to retail up to daily life. We offer our customers individual solutions, we combine functional characteristics and we extend functions.


Our offer includes a large variety of etched aluminum antennas in standard formats. In addition, we produce individual antenna designs. We have a very good branch know how with high advisory skills, that creates additional values.





All4Labels RFID-Reader optimizes processes and reduces costs.


RFID technology is a real revolution. Not long ago the parcel or crates on the line were system-controlled. But today it is the opposite. The crate is provided with a tag which controls the system! This technique creates the “Internet of Things”. This is only one out of many examples from supply chain management. RFID chips are also used in aviation, sports, optician, vehicle identification, libraries and many other fields.

All4Labels Security-Label offers a large variety of readers. From mobile readers up to tunnel readers. From hand readers for the inventory and incoming goods control up to readers at the point of sale for deactivation, activation and cash.


Goods can be observed and monitored securely. For example, by means of the interactive RFID inventory shelf. Here every move is registrated and the existing information can be used advantageously. Easy system integration -also with metal shelves- allows inventory on the latest update and reduces losses.