Hologram Company has been one of the leading companies in the field of product and brand protection since 1994. From hologram design up to the finished security product all kinds of production means are available.

    As certified security company we have to follow strict regulations, which are controlled annually by external certification commissions.




    Holograms have a high recognition value due to their eye-catching appearance. Above all, they provide your product with the highest level of security against forgeries. Our hologram / Nanogram? cannot be copied by any known technology.


    Our hologram/ Nanogram? can be applied to nearly every surface or can be combined with various printing products. Hologram Company is specialized in the production of 100% forgery proof Nanogram? which allow a complete traceability of marked goods. Together with our customers we develop individual holograms Nanogram? and we guarantee a tailor-made product protection with our security concept.





    Individual Holograms / Nanogram?

    100% counterfeit protection by security features with a resolution of 550.000 dpi (dots per inch) into the holographic film.



    Standard holograms

    We offer our clients a selection of protected holographic standard designs.

    Product combinations

    Holograms can be used in many ways and can be combined with various materials and products.




    Track & trace system holoTrackX?

    Holograms with tamper-proof laser engraved track & trace numbering offer you an overview and control of the worldwide flow of your products at all times.



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