Coupon labels

Coupon labels are variants of multi-layer-labels. They consist of two identic layers, whereas the upper layer can be removed and used furthermore as adhesive or non-adhesive coupon. These labels are ideal for advertising purposes by imprinting them with special promotions, rebates or refund campaigns. We print coupon labels on different materials.



    Peel labels are multi-layer-labels, which consist of two layers and which can be printed trilaterally due to the fact that the upper layer can be printed on both sides. The upper layer consists of a self-adhesive label which can be opened and reclosed or even removed completely. The bottom side sticks tightly on the packaging, whereas the upper layer is partially agglutinated on it. Peel labels are particularly suitable if you want to place a lot of text on limited space, as for example, promotion texts, directions for use, and multilingual texts.




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