We are specialized in all kinds of finishing technologies.


In the meantime many of our costumers bet on labels with great finishing effects in order to underline the high quality of their products so that they become eye-catchers at the point of sale and clearly differ from competitive products. All our products can be refined by High & Clear varnish printing, hot foil stamping and coldpress, lamination as well as partially and effect varnishing. Our in-house R&D department enables us to realize your requests individually and tailor-made.


Let your ideas flow free - we realise them!




Give your labels a brilliant appearance in all possible colour shades. Even holographic elements are possible. The so called coldpress is realised by means of an adhesive which connects the film with the label material by activation of UV-light.



Hot foil stamping

By the use of hot foil stamping you can exactly show fine structures. The stamping film is transferred onto the printing substrate with heat and pressure by means of a heated embossing cylinder. This finishing method provides your labels with a premium look by the use of selected metallic elements and accentuations.



High & Clear

Refine specific elements of your labels with a tangible relief varnish, which underlines the significance of your brand. The cristal clear and raised varnish is printed with a special screen in silk-screen printing, which can influence the layer thickness. The High & Clear varnish combines an optical 3 dimensional effect with a haptic significance.

Holo varnish

Holographic effects can be embossed into a varnish by the application of a special technology. The result is a shimmering and brilliant lighting effect which is a real eye-catcher at the point of sale. The effect can be implemented partially for chosen elements but also on the whole surface.



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