All4Labels Group has set itself the specific task to increase the positive environmental impact and sustainability of label production. Unlike conventional self-adhesive labels, linerless labels do not have a liner. They stick to themselves and can be dispensed cleanly due to the siliconized surface of the label. A dispenser, specially developed for linerless labels facilitates the replacement and subsequent dispensing of the labels. The actual high-speed dispensing rate is possible with 40 meters per minute. The winding up takes also place without increased noise. Even more labels can be coiled upon a reel. This means a roll core reduction up to 37 percent with identic number of running meters. That implies decreased transport-, storage- and waste costs. By means of the significantly lowered costs of material labeling can be more efficient and ecologically sustainable. The above shown linerless label hast the advantage that it is a single label that can be printed on both sides. The information on the back side is printed on the glue. The glue is partially neutralized in order to allow opening and reclosing of the label. Thus, much information, even multilingual can be placed on one single label.

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