Multi-layer - more space

    Nowadays, the obligation of producers to provide customers with information increases more and more. That’s why a single label on the product packaging often is not enough in order to meet these requirements.


    Do you need a label that contains much information or that indicates an additional product or promotion campaign and has a great design which makes it to an excellent advertising medium and determines the costumers purchase decision in favor of your products?


    Our multi-layer labels would be the right choice.


    Here you have the possibility to place much information, even multilingual, in limited space without renouncing a promotionally effective design. According to the extent of the label we have different variants in our product portfolio. We distinguish between sandwich, double-layer, multi-layer labels and booklabels. If you want more information about this please read below.


    Double-layer label

    Double-layer labels consist of two layers and offer you the possibility to put much of your multilingual information on a single label (basis label and a top label). We can design your promotionally effective multi-layer labels with 12 colours including functional varnish. The labels are produced fast in one single production run and the production of double-layer labels is possible with different materials. Special highlights are the so called Dry-Peel-labels (coupon labels) with a single top layer, which does not stick any more after being removed.
    Lotteries, promotion or different languages: convince yourself about our double-layer labels.



    Sandwich labels

    Sandwich labels consist of a double-layer label material whereby the top layer of the label can be removed and used further on. They are often used as return sticker, carrier of advertising messages, codes, and lotteries or address labels. Additionally, these labels are an optimal solution for the integration of more extensive product information. A separate label can be used as decorative label, collective label, or batch label by die-cutting the top layer. All kinds of material- and adhesive variants are possible.




    Booklabels are, beyond multi-layer and double-layer labels, the greatest possible advertising medium. The basis label, printed in flexo shows a harmonic connection with the sheet printed and folded in Offset (zig-zag-folded). Up to 10 colours and 8 folds are possible. Used as sticker for promotion or information label: the Booklabel is an auspicious communication media. Additionally, there is the possibility to integrate consecutive numbering for lotteries and campaigns or even scratch off fields for interactive use.



    Multi-layer labels

    Multi-layer labels have several layers. These labels are a blessing, if you want to place a lot of text on a single label. Up to five layers in different shapes can be dispensed on top of each other. You can design your labels promotionally effective with 10 colours including protective and functional varnish. The production is carried out in several working processes and is possible with different materials. Multilingual information, directions, ingredients and promotion can be placed on one single label.

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