Product combinations

Would you like to protect your products against product piracy and theft or to give your customer a free promotion sample of a new product?


If so, you can just combine your basis labels with shimmering holograms against forgery or with holographic RFID Inlays, which allow a worldwide product tracking and avoid product piracy. The combination of basis labels with sachets- small hermetically sealed pouches which contain samples- are particularly suitable for promotional purposes.




Holograms have not only a high recognition value due to their brilliant appearance, but also a high protection function against forgery by the combination of hidden and visible characteristics. A hologram -self-adhesive or in combination with a label- is combinable with several printing products. It can be processed like common labels. The special hologram material destroys itself in any case of manipulation.



The holographic RFID inlay is a shimmering transponder which combines the advantages of product protection against product piracy by means of holograms with the possibilities of RFID technology. The holographic RFID Inlay is provided with visible and hidden security elements. The hologram withstands any manipulation by self-destroying film and remaining residuals on the product. You can use the holo-inlay from entrance controls up to food and beverages thereby covering the whole area of product security.




A sachet is a small printed hermetically sealed packaging in form of a pouch which can be perfectly used for promotion samples, food and cosmetic articles. The sachet is combined with a basis label (printed in flexo) and can be dispensed on goods by a normal label dispenser. The sachet is filled externally. It is an excellent advertising medium which provides your customers with a foretaste on further products. You can simply remove the sachets from the products without leaving any adhesive remains.

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